Shark Steam and Mop Vac Review

Shark Steam and Mop Vac is simply amazing. This product is far from perfect. However, it works for me and is clearly the best option out there. This will not replace every other type of floor cleaning. It will not perfectly and completely deep clean your floor. It is great for quick, convenient everyday cleanup.

The dirtier your floor, the harder it is to push. It can also be harder to push on linoleum. It was by no means so difficult as to be a deal breaker. I’m not gifted in the upper body strength area, and though it didn’t glide effortlessly across the linoleum, I was not in any way winded, tired or sore from the job, even after cleaning the whole house.

The steam does come and go in spurts. From the various reviews it seems like this may depend on the unit you happen to get. Mine will provide impressively strong steam for awhile, then need a “break” to “recharge”. It happened enough to be annoying and affect how quickly I could clean the floor, but for me the overall convenience of the machine is worth this inconvenience. (It also helps if you make sure to keep the handle lowered as much as possible as opposed to upright, since this is what activates the steam). It is nice that you do not have to hold any type of trigger to activate the steam.

The vacuum nozzle is in fact just inches long and located near the back of the machine. Not ideal, but makes sense with the way it is designed. This does not affect the suction, which I found to be quite good. It sucked up everything in its path. (It will not, however, pick up large/heavy debris. Like small rocks.) What it does affect, is the machine’s ability to pick up things along the edges and in the corners. This is why it is not ideal for deep cleaning and will not replace all other floor cleaners. You have to go back and do the edges with something else.

The floors dry quicker with this mop than with any other I’ve tried, and that would be a lot. Especially if you use the heavy duty pad. Fabulous. My Bissell always leave my floors so wet.

It does not vac and steam simultaneously. This does not bother me, because I’m not willing to sacrifice the power of the steam or the power of the suction just to have them happen simultaneously. If you don’t mind inferior steam and suction (hence, inferior cleaning) in order to have the process go faster, the Bissell Steam & Sweep would be a better choice for you.

The vac is quite loud. Again, I’d rather it be loud and good and picking things up than soft with weak suction. Would I use it right outside the room of a sleeping baby? No. Does it wake up my children who are sleeping down the hall? No.

Steam does not generally work miracles, like getting old paint off of wood floors. It does leave a squeaky, residue-free clean that I love, and acts much more quickly than plain old elbow grease at cutting through dirt and grime.

The water reservoir is a bit small. If you go over spots again and again, it will run out after one room. If your floor is already relatively clean and you’re just doing maintenance, it will last decently long. You have to use a cup and funnel to fill it. I actually like this better than filling the tank up in the sink, it’s always a pain to have to get the water in the small opening in the tank from the stream of water from my tap. I prefer filling up an open cup and having the funnel so I don’t have to be so careful, goes faster for me. But you may not agree.

The mop head is wide, and therefore does not fit into small spots, like behind the toilet.

It didn’t streak my laminate, wood, linoleum or tile floors. It should only do this if your floor is very dirty, or grimey. In which case you’d need to go over it again with a clean pad.

The head is a bit high, so it may not get under some furniture. I had no problem getting under the cabinets, however it would not get under the stove.

I know this is long, but I wanted to address some of the issues listed in other reviews. Again, I still have to pick up larger debris by hand, and use something else to do the edges, but for everyday cleaning it is very convenient. I only have to carry one machine up and down the stairs instead of dragging around both a vacuum and steam mop. I really don’t think you can beat the squeaky and chemical free clean of steam. And this one has very strong steam (except when recharging) and will leave you with a pretty dry floor. No need to go back and dry it. If you keep up your floors regularly, you shouldn’t have trouble with the power of the vac. If you have built up dirt (or bought/are renting a place previously lived in by not so clean people) this alone probably won’t cut it.

Let’s take a look at all of the Shark Steam and Mop Vac features:

* Quickly vacuum and mop floors with a single cleaning solution. Quick-switch activation from vacuum
* Remove particulate before steam cleaning and sanitizing. Powerful vacuum performance with 99.9%
* 20 minutes of steam cleaning power
* Removable dust cup
* 10 wide vacuum and steam cleaning path, 25′ cord

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Overall, for the price that they charge for these, you will find no better Shark steam cleaner. Sure there are better ones out there, but you will have a lot more for just a slight increase in capabilities.